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Dental Crowns



Crowns are a durable option to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma. Dr. Haitham Ennabi and his team of qualified professionals provide durable, lifelike dental crowns at our Hopewell Junction, NY, and Pawling, NY, offices.  At Quality Dental Care, our dentists will take great care to ensure that your crown fits comfortably and fully restores your dental function. We offer crowns made from several different materials, including metal and tooth-colored porcelain. 


Common Uses for Dental Crowns

A dental crown fits all around a tooth down to the gumline so it can provide strength and protection, repair structural damage, and prevent additional injury. Your dentist may recommend a crown if:

  • The tooth is cracked or fractured
  • You have a very large cavity that a filling cannot repair
  • There are signs of a dental infection, requiring root canal therapy
  • You have suffered dental erosion, and your worn teeth affect the force of your bite
  • A tooth has cosmetic imperfections, such as internal staining

You may also benefit from a crown if you are missing one or more teeth. Two crowns can secure a traditional dental bridge, which will fill in the gap in your smile. Alternatively, your dentist may recommend a single implant-supported crown.


Types of Dental Crowns

We work with an experienced and reputable lab. Together, your dentist and lab technicians will design a fully customized crown made from appropriate materials. Metal crowns are the strongest and may be placed on the back teeth. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations combine durability with aesthetics. However, the metal may start to wear through over time. 

Porcelain crowns blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth and have a slight translucence, similar to dental enamel.

For a more lifelike appearance, we can provide an all-porcelain restoration. These crowns are precisely matched to the shade of your teeth and resist staining. The material is not as strong as metal, but it is typically preferred for the front teeth. In addition to the realistic tint, modern porcelain has a slight translucence, which will make it sparkle like dental enamel. 


What You Can Expect During Treatment

To begin the dental crown procedure, your dentist will first numb your tooth. Then he will reshape it, removing damaged tissue and creating a more secure base for your restoration. When he is finished, the doctor will take impressions of your tooth, and he will place a temporary crown.

Over the one to two weeks, the lab will use these impressions to create your final restoration. After it is complete, your dentist will verify that it fits correctly, and you can make sure that you are happy with its appearance. If you are both satisfied with the results, your dentist will securely attach the crown. Crowns can be cared for just like your natural teeth with daily flossing, twice-a-day brushing, and regular check-ups.


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