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Wisdom Tooth Removal Can Alleviate Discomfort and Create a Healthier Smile

illustration of wisdom teethThe wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are located in the back of the mouth and begin to erupt through the gum line in our late teens or early twenties. Most patients do not have room in their jaws to accommodate additional molars, and wisdom teeth commonly cause misalignment, overcrowding, gum inflammation, and discomfort. Patients in the Hopewell Junction, NY, area experiencing these symptoms should contact Dr. Haitham J. Ennabi, and the team at Quality Dental Care, P.C. to discuss wisdom tooth removal and other possible treatment options.

When Wisdom Tooth Removal is Necessary

Some patients do not experience any problems when their wisdom teeth begin to emerge. However, a majority of patients experience troubling symptoms that require the teeth to be extracted, including:

  • Lingering Pain – If you are experiencing lingering pain in your jaw towards the back of your mouth, you may need wisdom tooth removal.
  • Difficult Maintenance – If food is consistently getting stuck in your teeth and in your gums, you could be at risk for infection or another condition. 
  • Overcrowding and Misalignment – The wisdom teeth can cause misalignment and overcrowding of the rest of our teeth, and can grow at an angle that can cause severe problems for our bites.

The Extraction Procedure

The wisdom tooth removal process consists of two major steps; evaluation and surgery.


Dr. Ennabi will x-ray your wisdom teeth using advanced technology to evaluate the extent of the problem. If wisdom tooth removal is deemed an appropriate solution, he will plan your treatment accordingly.


On the day of surgery, Dr. Ennabi will give you a sedative to minimize any discomfort. The type of surgery performed will depend on whether your wisdom teeth have fully emerged or if they are still impacted below the gum line. If a simple extraction is all that is needed, Dr. Ennabi will carefully loosen the tooth and lift it from the socket. For impacted teeth, he will access the tooth by gently removing layers of gum and bone tissue. Regardless of the type of surgery, Dr. Ennabi possesses a gentle technique that will ensure your comfort.

What to Expect After Surgery

Most likely, you will recover within three to five days, depending on how fast your body heals. Throughout this time, you will need to follow your at-home care instructions to prevent infection and other complications. Your doctor will provide you with complete instructions, including:

  • Painkillers – You may be prescribed painkillers to manage any discomfort and inflammation. 
  • Rest – Relaxation with your head slightly elevated will help keep the swelling at a minimum.
  • Apply Ice Packs – In the first 24 hours immediately following surgery, it is recommended that you apply an ice pack to your outer jawline for 15-20 minute intervals.
  • Eat Soft Foods – Solid foods should be avoided entirely in the hours after treatment so they will not interfere with the surgical site. As time goes on, you will be able to reincorporate solid foods and resume your normal diet. 
  • Be Careful – It is easy to aggravate the affected area by biting or rubbing. Try to avoid any unnecessary irritation, as it can delay your recovery period.
  • Keep the Area Clean – Gently brush the surrounding teeth and use the appropriate care near the surgical site.

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