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In-office and Take-home Teeth Whitening to Meet Your Unique Needs

Before and after teeth whiteningIf you want to enjoy a brighter and more youthful-looking smile, consider simple, affordable teeth whiteningAt his Hopewell Junction, NY, and Pawling, NY, offices, Dr. Haitham Ennabi can help you choose the right type of whitening, based on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Both in-office and at-home whitening treatment can be highly effective, brightening your smile by up to eight shades. At Quality Dental Care, we will also help you maintain the results of your treatment by performing routine touch-ups.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can be a good option if you are concerned with external discoloration. These stains can result from a number of factors, including:

  • Darkly colored foods like berries
  • Drinks like coffee and red wine
  • Smoking and using other tobacco products
  • Aging and genetics

It is important to note that whitening will not be effective on internal stains. If you struggle with this type of discoloration, often caused by certain medications or dental infection, we can recommend an alternative treatment. For example, LUMINIEERS® can effectively conceal even dark stains.

In-office whitening can lighten your teeth up to ten shades. Treatment can typically be completed in an hour or less.

Even if you suffer from dental sensitivity, you may still be eligible for teeth whitening. New forms of whitening gel are specially formatted to reduce discomfort.

In-office Whitening for Immediate Results

Woman undergoing in-office teeth whiteningIn-office treatment can lighten your teeth by up to ten shades – typically in an hour or less. If you choose this method, your dentist will place a protective barrier over your gums. Then he will coat your teeth in whitening gel. A special laser light will activate the gel, setting off an oxidation reaction. Oxygen molecules in the gel will penetrate the enamel and break apart dental stains. Typically, your dentist will remove the gel and apply a new layer two more times to achieve the most dramatic results.

The most noteworthy advantage of in-office whitening is that you will immediately enjoy a brighter, more attractive smile. For this reason, office-based whitening can be especially beneficial if you are getting ready for a major milestone, such as a wedding or reunion. 

Take-home Whitening for Convenient Care

Take-home whitening is very similar to in-office treatment. However, you will be able to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home as your schedule permits. After taking impressions of your teeth, your dentist will provide a set of individually crafted whitening trays. After you fill the trays with whitening gel, they will fit closely over your teeth, which will keep the gel from spreading to your gums. For the most noticeable results, you should wear the trays for about 30 minutes a day, usually for around two weeks.

In-office whitening is very affordable, so it can be a good option if you are watching your budget. Though it will take longer to complete your treatment, the results are typically comparable to those achieved during in-office whitening. Take-home trays are often used to maintain your results after in-office whitening. 

Maintaining Your Results

After both types of whitening, you should take precautions to prevent future discoloration. Of course, proper oral hygiene is essential, and you should reduce your consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages. In addition, you can receive regular touchups, either at home or here in the office. We will advise you on how often you should undergo these treatments.

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With teeth whitening, it can be easy and affordable to enjoy a stunning smile. Contact our office to learn more about our treatments and to find out which one may be right for you.