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Build a Strong Foundation for Dental Implants with Bone Grafting

Not every patient who seeks the life-changing benefits of dental implants is immediately a candidate for the restorative treatment. Some patients, whether due to genetics, gum disease, or jawbone recession due to tooth loss, do not have adequate jawbone density to support the posts. Those individuals may need to undergo bone grafting. During your consultation and exam at our Hopewell Junction, NY, dental clinic, Dr. Haitham Ennabi or another one of our doctors will determine if you require bone grafting before undergoing dental implant placement. We use the latest in dental technology to provide up-to-date treatment and comprehensive care, all in one location.

Illustration of bone grafting

Bone grafting strengthens recessed areas to provide a strong, stable foundation for dental implants.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

Many of the patients who come to our office seeking dental implants have experienced jawbone recession. Natural teeth play an important role in stimulating bone growth. If a tooth has been missing for a long period of time, the bone tissue around the missing tooth often recedes. This is one reason why dentists place grafting material in the area left by a tooth following extraction.

Although addressing jawbone recession will lengthen your treatment timeline, the health and safety benefits far outweigh the slight delay.

Bone grafting allows patients to benefit from:

  • Improved candidacy for implants: Bone grafting is commonly performed to allow patients to receive dental implants. In order for the titanium post to properly fuse with your jaw, there needs to be adequate bone density. Grafting directly addresses the problem for patients who have experienced bone recession.
  • A full smile: Elderly individuals who are missing an entire arch of teeth often have a sunken-in appearance near their mouth. This is partly due to their missing teeth, but it is also caused by jawbone recession. The combination of bone grafting and dental implant placement can fill out your cheeks while providing you with a fuller-looking and more youthful smile.
  • Better oral health: Bone grafting before dental implant placement is one way to ensure that your implants do not fail. A healthy jaw provides a stable platform for any remaining teeth, your dental implants, and the dental prosthetics.
  • A protected smile: Bone grafting is often performed immediately following a tooth extraction to prevent jawbone recession.

Am I a Candidate?

Most patients who have experienced jawbone recession are candidates for bone grafting. During your examination at our office, serving Pawling and Hopewell Junction, your doctor will inquire into your medical history while listening to your personal goals. While examining your teeth and jawbone, he may look for:

  • Missing teeth
  • Teeth that require extraction
  • Gum disease

Candidates for bone grafting should otherwise be in good oral health and not suffer from any medical conditions that could compromise recovery following oral surgery.

What to Expect during the Procedure

Although bone grafting sounds painful, it is performed using local anesthetics that numb the surgical site before any incisions are made. Sedation is available if you are feeling especially anxious. Once you are comfortable, one of our trusted doctors will make a small incision near the treatment site. Grafting material, donor bone, or your own tissue will be placed on the recessed jawbone and secured in place. The incision will be sutured closed, and gauze will be used to control bleeding. Over the following weeks and months, your body will naturally incorporate the bone graft into the surrounding jawbone tissue.

Full recovery usually takes around six to nine months, at which time we will schedule your dental implant placement surgery. Although addressing jawbone recession will lengthen your treatment timeline, the health and safety benefits far outweigh the slight delay.

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Bone grafting is a straightforward and safe treatment that allows patients to become candidates for dental implants. If you have concerns about the affordability of our treatments, rest assured that our clinic gladly accepts CareCredit® financing options. To schedule your next appointment, contact our office online or call (845) 227-1996.